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What people say about their experience at Message Masters and other groups in Toastmasters.

Mark Geres

In this YouTube video, Mark Geres shared an experience he had at work, speaking in front of 100 colleagues at a Christmas party. At the last minute, he was called on to introduce a professional comedian and warm up the crowd. It went very well and he received accolades from several colleagues. He thanked the members of our club and the training experience for giving him the desire, confidence and the know how to do it and do it well.

Ed Nicholson

Went from paralyzingly shy to socially confident and loving public speaking.


"When I visited the club, I was really impressed by the high quality of speaking by the members.  It seemed the bar was quite high - perhaps too high, I thought, for someone at my level of public speaking.  However, when I mentioned this at the meeting, members were warm and very encouraging.  That’s when I made the decision to join the club!" 

"I’ve been involved in Toastmasters for many years, and I find Message Masters provides exactly the right balance of experienced and up-and-coming speakers.  I’m continually amazed at how much room there is to learn and grow from both speaking, and listening to speakers of all levels." 

"I started taking our Club experience for granted until... we started to focus, really focus on giving specific feedback and then... I entered the speech contest.  The feedback I got will take my speech up at least 50% in the next round.  No matter if for the contest or for business, this feedback is GOLD!" 

"Thank you Message Masters 7809 for all of your encouragement, your sense of fun while learning something SCARY, your more than positive feedback and your opportunities to grow and learn exponentially!!!
I became acutely aware of how valuable your existence was for me after hearing a presentation last week in a professional setting. The speaker made a 20-minute presentation and guess how many times he said "uh" and "um"?  20? No, more! 50? No, more? Double it! Yeah, over 100 times in 20 minutes! It was so distracting, I could barely concentrate on the content.
So while I work on my own "ums" and "ahs" I will be thankful that I learned with the best and had a great head start in my speaking career. My sincerest thanks to all of you for being your marvelous, courageous selves!"

"Thank you all for creating such a warm and encouraging environment during our meetings"

"Thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement."

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