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Meeting 2013-08-20

Our meeting started on time.  Our summer twinning with club interaction is again a great success and allows both clubs to showcase their different formats to visitors.  Rana ran a successful meeting by leading and conducting the different tasks, assigning roles, encouraging her friend to practice a speech, and best of all, picking the meeting theme of “BEER” on a nice summer afternoon.

We were lucky to welcome three guests. The meeting featured a never-before-seen-presenter experience, which we've never seen before.  Christen, a first-time guest, came to practice her toast for an upcoming wedding; much to great applause at the club!  Her first speech “Raising a Toast” captivated and entertained the audience with the story of how she met her friend the bride to be, how this story parallelled her friend’s first lunch date,  and how these relationships evolved into a wonderful friendship and loving husband.  I raise a toast to Christen for what we hope will be the first of many speeches.

As Table Topics Master, Erik used the many current news stories about our illustrious politicians for us to rant or rave about how our politicians or sports figures may be squandering others' money. Colleen, Craig, Peter and Eric delivered their table topics with gusto and all achieved their goal of impromptu speaking for one to two minutes.

France, the club President of Club Interaction, gave some great feedback to hit the gavel hard and clear so that everyone will wake up...

The word of the day “fervent” was used... well, fervently.  Peter deliberated on our uses of the word “discuss” versus “speaking about” as well as counting our many ahs and ums.

Craig who was the timer delivered his report effectively and on time.



"The Rhythm of Speaking" Workshop 2013-06-19

The Rhythm of Speaking

Are you aware of the natural rhythm of a speech?

You can speed up or slow down the cadence, like a song, to have a desired response in the audience. The sequence of ideas in a speech and the sequence of ideas in a sentence intensify or diminish the emotional response.

SynergieJoin us at Club Avancé Synergie on Wednesday, 2013-06-19 at 18:00 for 18:30 to hear Craig Senior and his assistant Sylvain Auffret share strategies and techniques for getting our words and rhythm to work together to produce the Rhythm of Speaking.

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Meeting 2013-06-11

Chris M, the sergeant-at-arms opened the meeting on time and then gave a rousing introduction for the Toastmaster of the day, Chris M. Chris started the meeting by welcoming the guests, Jessica & Rachel and then called for Executive Committee reports:

  • Craig S. talked about the Toastmasters Learning Institute (TLI) that he went to. It is mandatory training for club executive in their roles, it is training and workshops for members and, most of all, it is networking with other Toastmasters in the District.
  • Chris M. talked about booking the room. The Oct 15 meeting is cancelled as well as the last 2 weeks of December and someone (new Sargent-at-arms maybe) will need to contact the library in September to book the room for January to June.
  • Chris M. talked about join meetings with Club Interaction over the summer. The resolution was approved and Rana would contact Club Interaction to confirm.

Jill A. presented her 5th speech "The world of your heart". It was an excerpt from her book which was aimed at teenagers. She compared the "world of the heart" (open, free) to the "world of the mind" (closed, logical, mind-muck).

Craig S. presented his eleventh IceBreaker speech, "The Buffet". This described the buffet that Toastmasters was, not a restaurant but a self-serve buffet where you were both the server, filling the pans, as well as the servee, receiving the food provided. Although you can get something from Toastmasters no matter what you do, you can get a lot more if you participate in the club.

Rana D. presented her general evaluation and was quite enthused that we, as members, often just step up to the plate and fill spots as needed. In particular, one speaker had to cancel and another jumped in with a speech to fill the vacancy.

Chris M. then closed out the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

Reporter: Chris M.


Meeting: 2013-05-28

It was a monumental day for Message Masters, club #7809. It was a double header, and first up was Gurprasad, a member of one a half years, delivering her 10th speech to complete here Competent Communicator award. Her speech objective was to inspire the audience, and it was evident she achieved that goal, because she received a standing ovation! Gurprasad told her fellow members of her journey and the obstacles she faced in completing her speeches, but stressed the need to determine a schedule and set goals to makes it attainable.

Next up was Fedra, who completed her third speech that had the objective of getting to the point.  She gave beneficial advice on how to build a personal development plan using many real life examples.

Reporter: Erin


Narrator/Emcee Needed: 2013-07-09

Aroha Fine Arts, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the cultural education of one of the eight classical Hindu dances "Kathak," is looking for a narrator/Emcee for two dance shows per year. There is a flat-fee honorarium. The commitment is for two rehearsals and the actual show. The next performance is 2013-07-09.

Aroha’s founder and Creative Director is the internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Anjali Patil. The audience is growing and the shows are gaining momentum.  Since its founding in 1989, Aroha gained national and international recognition for its work.

Many of the choreographies are inspired by classical Hindu mythologies. Kathak’s origins were in storytelling, like the Troubadours in Europe. It graduated to mime and eventually became a dance used to teach religious stories, performed in temples. When the Moghul era started, a state religion was imposed and temple dancing was banned. Kathak dancers were invited to perform before royalty and has flourished as a classical Hindu dance. We are looking for someone who is preferably well versed in the Hindu culture and who can speak the language or at least be willing to receive training in how to pronounce non-English terms. Aroha performs this highly technically intricate genre to perfection.

The professionally run shows are typically 90 mins. A script is provided for timing. While the dancers change costume, the narrator tells the story performed in the next dance. We need someone who can master a script and not make it sound like it is being read. The script can have a conversational tone between two people, it can tell an actual archetypical story or it can simply discuss the intricate technical aspects of Kathak itself as a genre. Each show is different and sometimes two of the above script descriptions are in the same show.

If you like us and we like you, we would invite you back to narrate each show. This would provide continuity for all.


Diane Oliver at (613) 834-9091 or at

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