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Meeting 2013-12-03

At the appointed stroke of noon, the lectern remained empty, so Craig enthusiastically jumped into the role of Toastmaster and led the meeting without skipping a beat. He demonstrated the principle of instead of worrying about what you are missing, go with what you have.

Jill was our Table Topics master.

  • Paula responded to a quotation from Sophia Loren: There is a fountain of youth and it is found in your mind. Paula stated there is lots of creativity to keep a small child involved.
  • Percita responded to a quotation from Bill Gates that PCs have become an empowering technology. She responded that she uses the primary and secondary alerts to ensure that her daughter has the “right things” in her lunch kit.
  • Rana responded to, "What is more important, creativity or money?" She stated that creativity is more powerful than money.
  • Craig (elder) responded to the question: If he ever felt tweeted. Craig stated he is a tweeter, working the social media on behalf of our club. He said we just reached 1800 "tweeps." He enjoys interacting with people, indicated that Paula follows the club, and mused that she is a” tweeter stalker.”
  • Fedra responded to the question, "Are you planning something like a party?" Planning meals, she said, is part of her soul. She told about making fondu for her son's birthday.

Rachael Strong delivered a first draft of what might become her signature presentation "Refresh Your Style - Refresh Your Self." She described how refreshing one's wardrobe with quality ofer quantity can contribute to your well-being. She described the simple process of working with you to clean out and organize your closet, styles, and colours. You can learn about it at



Meeting 2013-10-29

We started our meeting on time with our Sergeant-at-arms Chris also filling in as Toastmaster and General evaluator. Thank you Chris!  In his general evaluator Chris clarifyied a few rules on the speech timing and indicated we have an additional 30 sec buffer during competitions.  He also provided great advice on gaining full use of the allotted table topics times by having extra questions to dole out just in case we can complete an extra round.

As the Table Topics Master, Eric entertained us with questions based on Revenue Canada's taxation rules and colourful ideas on flat taxes, Mike Duffy’s taxes and tax auditing.  This made for some great discussions by all the participants including Paola, Craig, Rana, Jill, Rachel, Fedra and Chris.  We were all successful in reaching the goal of speaking on an impromptu subject for at least one minute.

Leo presented his speech on, what he forsees will be his future as the parent of a teenager, by giving examples of his recent experience with his Sicilian teenage cousin Maria who came to Ottawa, for six weeks.  Maria came here to lend his family a helpful hand but instead handed him a glimpse into his future as a parent.  Maria was glued to her tablets, lost in her own world and incommunicado even with all the technology available today.  Leo will ultimately still have to face dreaded meeting of  “the boyfriend”, although the mention of his Sicilian heritage should give him some advantage and keep any boy "friends" in order. 



Meeting 2013-10-23

Our Toastmaster (master of ceremonies) got yanked away at the last minute, so Percita filled the breech. She led us with grace into a fun, spirited session.

We congratulated Kristen for her adventure out of her comfort zone and into the Humorous Speech Contest, competing at the Area level.

In Table Topics, led by Rana, today's theme was "Saying Good Bye":

  • Rachael described leaving the public service and entering into remaking herself
  • Kristen mused about how Ottawa could say goodbye to Daniel Alfredsson
  • Fedra described how she would train a new employee to her team
  • Chris described some things to which the federal government could say goodbye
  • Erik spoke about how we could say good bye to Mike Duffy
  • Percita said good bye to some faddy fashions
  • Paula answered the important question, "If you decided to break the world record for jumping on a Pogo Stick, what would you have to say good bye to?"

Jill inspired us with her talk "The Secret Power of Prayer." She suggested that prayer yields real benefits; most people believe that prayers are answered. She gave us 4-steps to using the power of prayer:

  1. Say "Thank you." Begin by expressing gratitude to "Source" which is different for everyone, be it The Great Creator, The Universe, Spirit, Infinite Being, God.
  2. Pray for positive experience
  3. Ask for "something [specific] or something better for my highest good"
  4. Say "Thank you" again

Rachael provided uplifting, helpful feedback in her first time as General Evaluator.


Toastmasters District 61 Fall Conference 2013

So often in time it happens, we all live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key.

The Eagles

Would you like to extend your boundaries and turn limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs? Discover the key that will unlock and unleash your potential at the 2013 Fall Conference at the magnificent Chateau Bromont on November 8, 9, and 10. Register at the conference website!


On Friday evening, we kick-off with a motivating workshop by World Champion of Public Speaking, David Brooks. Then Toast Humour Night features several comedians to entertain and make us laugh.  Come dressed in your favourite hobby or sports uniform. Later, J.A. Gamache will keep you kickin' on the dance floor with his highly interactive show!

Saturday morning. for you early birds, wake up to yoga, zumba or jogging. David Brooks keeps up our pace with a world-class keynote. Select among 16 exciting workshops that will take your communication and leadership styles to the next level.

Hear an inspiring testimonial by our Communication and Leadership Award recipient, Daniel Germain. He is the founder and president of the Breakfast Club of Quebec.  His dream is to break the cycle of poverty affecting millions of children around the world. He has received many honorary awards for his social involvement including the Order of Canada.

Saturday evening is the District Governor’s Banquet with the KiX Party Band with lead singer Brian Tyler from La Voix will keep you dancing all night.

Sunday morning Sacha Pommepuy will perform his amazing magic and here's a sample ->

Check out the conference website!


2013-10-01 -- Area Govenor Visit

Our Area Govenor, Doug Brubaker attended our Oct 1st meeting in his role as Area Governor.  In addition to several members, also attending were guests Andrew & Valerie and new club member, Percita.

The Toastmaster of the day was Chris McCarthy and we heard speeches from Fedra Azevedo and Craig Senior.

During the Executive Committee portion of the meeting we found out that

  • Craig won the Area speech evaluation contest  (Yea, Craig)
  • the VP-Education & secretary roles are open.  If you want one of those positions on the executive, contact Rana
  • the executive is proposeing that each member comit to giving a speech at least every 2 months.
  • the District Conference is November 8 to 10th

Fedra's speech was Project 4, "How to Say it", from the Competent Communicator manual, titled "Finding Flow".  In Flow is when you are "in the moment" or "in the zone". It is how you feel when you are in the intense moment of happiness.  While in the Flow , you lose contact with your needs.  You are not hungry or tired, you are consentrating so intensely that you lose track of everthing.

Craig is working towards the Advanced Communicator Gold with the "Read a Story" project from the "Interpretive Reading" manual.  He read the story "Christmas Shopping" from the book "No Spring Chicken" by Eileen Comstock (a Saskachewan farmer).  The story was about her and her husband's annual adventure into shopping for christmas gifts.


Thank You


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