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Meeting: 2011-03-01 "In like a ... Out like a...."

Today’s meeting was opened by Chris, who introduced Angela as our Toastmaster. The theme of the meeting was “In like a ... Out like a ..." Some of us felt March came in like a lion ……. but some others felt March came in like a lamb ……… We had one guest, Vanessa, who moved from Brazil to Canada a few years ago.

Don gave an entertaining speech titled, “Travel Face.” It was a tale of his troubles when travelling through China in 1993. In the story he explained his interactions with a watermelon seller when trying to buy a watermelon, and a clerk when trying to buy a train ticket. Though it described his frustrations at the time… he said he look back on the situation now with a more compassionate viewpoint towards the people he was interacting with.

Don’s speech was evaluated by Kathy. Additional feedback was provided to Don through a round table evaluation.

Our table topics session was presented by Craig. He asked participants to respond to articles and advertisements in the paper.

• Angela: On the front page was an article about a multiple-offending intoxicated driver who expressed deep remorse for killing a cyclist in Sept 2010. Should 'remorse' occur after the collision or before the first drink?

• Don: Some people say bicyclists have no right on the roads. Should motor vehicles have as much right on the roads as bicycles?

• Cartier: Lindsay Lohan inked a $3-million deal to pose nude for an upcoming photographic book. Is posing nude a good way to stage a career comeback?

• Chris: On-line romance, does it work?

• Indra: Air Canada advertised great deals on travel. If you travel, is it to get away from something or to go toward something?

• Kathy: Contact lenses or glasses?

• Vanessa : "Tell us about some differences between Brazil and Canada."

We all thought the winner was our guest, Vanessa (even though we didn’t vote for one), as she was brave enough to stand up in front of a group of people that she didn’t know and speak with confidence.



Meeting: 2011-02-22 "Voting"

Today's theme was "Voting." No one voted on that theme. The VP Ed just dreamt it up and directed that it would be so and it was so. So it was.

The word of the day was inadvertent, which Mark creatively selected by accident after our scheduled Grammarian took ill.

Today's exercise was debating, so we agreed to debate voting.  Members were to arrive at the meeting prepared to debate either side, so Chris split the bored table down the middle, Angela, Indra, and Cartier debated for voting; Mark, Chris, and Craig debated against.  Participants earned zero points for each of their responses and they could spend the points any way they liked.  We didn't vote a winner for the debate (perhaps the against side won).

Mark presented a fun Table Topics session, focused on lottery winnings, in this case LottoMax. He bought a couple of tickets and actually shared them among the members there that day.

Cartier unveiled an improved Ah Counter form that took into account "so," "Y'know," and lipsmacks.  We all agreed to make good use of those columns lest they go to waste!




Meeting: 2011-02-15 "Just the Facts"

Today’s meeting was opened by Angela, who promptly introduced Indra as our Toastmaster.   We were joined by two guests from the Sandy Hill Toastmasters Club, who introduced themselves and shared their excitement about attending our meeting. 
Our prepared speech for the day was given by Kathy.  Under the guidelines for Project #5 in the Competent Communication Manual (Your Body Speaks) Kathy entertained us with one of her recent camping experiences.   Through the use of various gestures and body language, she shared an experience that most of us wish we would never encounter – being sprayed by a family of skunks!
With two guests in attendance, our table topics session was structured around our personal objectives and successes at Toastmasters.   Don shared his success in completing the Competent Communicator Certificate and discussed future plans for an Advanced Certificate.  Chris offered his strategies for success at becoming a comfortable speaker, and Angela discussed what she enjoys the most about the Message Masters Club.   Our two guests shared their experiences at their Club.
The evaluation sessions, both related to our prepared speech and the general evaluation were very fulsome and detailed.   Our meeting adjourned on time, and we closed with a reminder of next week’s Debate Topic: Voting.




Meeting: 2011-02-01 "Missed it by that much"

Craig opened today's meeting as the Sgt at Arms and blathered more than usual. We should give him a DTM (Don't Time Me) recognition. After Craig introduced Don as the Toastmaster, Don pointed out that much of what he planned to say Craig already said, so Craig ran to the front, opened the meeting a second time, and introduced Don. Don got to say his whole schpiel!

While we prefer to have and follow plans, being open and flexible is another welcome skill.

Speaking of prepared, Indra delivered an advanced speech project The Folktale, titled "The Star Child."  It was the tale with a moral, a shift of values from arrogance to humility and grace.  Working without notes, Indra entered into the characters and brought them to life through her voice.

"The most expressive you've ever been," said one.

"You captured and held my attention throughout," said another.

Following Indra's path, Craig delivered a Table Topics session focused around values.

  • Marc described his highest values in his business: integrity and honesty
  • Angela shared a time when she experienced an undesireable value: dishonesty
  • Don told us about one of his favourite stories, the story of when he was asked to tell about one of his favourite stories
  • Mark describe a time when he did something special, when he was a "Star Child"
  • Indra was eagerly awaited a turn to speak, but our time expired, so she received the gift of delayed gratification



Meeting: 2011-01-25 "Robbie Burns"

Curiosity overcame the room as to the reason for todays theme “Robbie Burns”…  when Chris revealed that it was the famous poets Birthday.  So Happy Birthday Robbie..   Along those lines, Angela gave us one of his poetic words for the word-of-the-day.. “Sough”.    There are various pronunciations, however it means a “pleasant, whispering sound”.    It was used once during the meeting. 

Mark gave an excellent off the cuff speech entitled, “You be the Judge”…  This catchy title neatly tied into his theme of giving us the rundown of his participation in the Contest Judging Workshop the previous weekend.  We learned a lot about contest judging (i.e. it is NOT evaluating), and the many different roles Judges can take on.  The main message of the speech was that it is valuable to take these workshops, even if one has no immediate plans to use the skills learned.  It’s always valuable to gain knowledge and insight into how Toastmasters and the Contests work!

Marc was given a whole 35 minutes to prepare a set of table-topics questions, and he came through with flying colours.  Angela gave us some details of a typical day at her work.  It was an interesting insight into what a charity advisor.  Jen gave us some insights into “lessons learned” when looking for her dream job at Fisheries and Oceans.  Lamont (the experienced guest) explained how he would do good with some lottery winnings.  Craig desperately wants to pretend to be Martin Luther King in Washington before 100,000 people!   Chris explained why he would work for the Cancer Society and the MS charities for double his current salary…  and last but not least, Indra explained why she would rather make money from speaking than being an accountant.

A call was made for speakers and workshop presenters for the District 61 contest in April.. and the meeting was adjourned!

Don C.