Meeting 2016-04-11
Mon, April 18, 2016 at 23:19
Message Masters
This week at Message Masters we had an excellent guest speaker, Karl Lundahl from Health Canada Toastmasters club. Even though he joined Toastmasters only last year, Karl already completed his Competent Communicator manual once, and is now completing it for the second time. Karl is also working on three advanced manuals, including Humourously Speaking.
The speech he presented to us, “The Crow,” was for project 2: Organize your Speech. A tip offered to Karl, that we can all keep in mind during our own speeches, is to remember smooth transitions throughout the speech.
Table Topics master, Faye, prepared many funny questions related to our theme, siblings. Our guest, Karl, even participated and spoke about his competitions with his siblings. He talked about his experiences with his brother and how competition couldn’t help encourage his brother to read, but did help him to compete in a running competition.

Firoozeh gave us her opinion on sibling stereotypes, agreeing that the middle child often has to act as a peacekeeper. Her experience as a middle child, with two brothers, has solidified this belief and she considers herself the peacekeeper in her family.

Natasha Newman talked about the pros and cons of siblings, with fighting as the biggest con and using her sister as a scapegoat as the biggest pro of having a sibling. She suggested she is perpetuating sibling stereotypes as the baby in her family.

Fanny described her and her sister as day and night. Fanny is a self-described introvert and a book worm, meanwhile, her sister is party girl and knows how to make some noise!
Let's make some noise for everyone who participated today!
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