Meeting 2016-02-09
Mon, February 29, 2016 at 0:11
Message Masters in Toastmasters meeting

Today Message Masters were so excited, because we had Table topics contest in our club. Our contest chair was Chinedu and our chief judge was Yaalini. Yaalini is a new member and just joined last week. We were so lucky that members of other clubs helped us to hold the contest. Without their help we couldn’t have six participants in our table topics contest. All the contestants showed up and brought voluminous energy to the club. The contestants were: Vipul, Fanny, Martine, Nicolas, Sylvain, and Christian. Christian is also a new member in our club and just joined last week.

Yaalini briefed the judges one by one and collected judge’s certificates. Chinedu briefed the contestants and also made the draw and noted the order. Everything was ready and he started the meeting sharp at 12. Our VP Ed, welcomed everybody and explained the procedures very quickly. When Yaalini nodded that everybody is ready, then Chinedu continued with inviting Rana to the lectern. Rana is the only international speech contestant in our club and it was an opportunity to practice her speech in the club. It was also very helpful to make our contestants feel composed. She talked about the power of dance comparing to speech. In fact, it was a dry run for her to get ready for area contest. After Rana’s speech, Chinedu asked the sergeant at arms to escort contestants to the lobby. The first contestant was Sylvain and the question was: ‘is it more important to be a patient learner or a quick learner and why?’ All contestant answered the question and stayed in the room in less than half an hour. When Yaalini collected the votes, went out of the room with Judith and Firoozeh to count the ballots and prepare the winners and participants certificates.

Meanwhile Chinedu asked the audience to provide feedback to Rana’s speech. It was a neat idea, so Rana had a round table evaluation for her speech.

The ballots were counted and nobody was disqualified due to timing rules. The winners were:

Martine Senior stood at first place, Christian Steuart at second place and Nicolas Gosselin at third place. All the contestants were happy, because they could experience another aspect of TM and they gained new experience. They were amazed with the outcome.

We had two surprises today: one of the judges didn’t show up and automatically was replaced with one of the members who was not supposed to come! A guest arrived and took the role of second sergeant at arms. His name was Jim and he helped a lot. Like a real sergeant he collected all the contestants’ cellphones to avoid any sort of cheating! It was not usual in our club, but left no question about the result. I still don’t know what brought him today to the club, but it was in response to last night Craig’s help with their club contest. This is how Toastmasters help each other.

Chinedu closed the meeting on time and submitted all the documents to our area director, Ms. Anna Crandlemire in the meeting. The contest was adjourned to next year!!!

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