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Meeting 2015-09-01

Today, we returned to our location in the basement of library. It is so sweet to be at home and visit some fellow Toastmasters who couldn't join us in Place de Ville. Our Toastmaster was Firoozeh today. She had set all the items that had bought from Toastmasters Website on the table. They were all incentives for Message Masters to work towards their certificates. We owe this opportunity to our VP PR, Coach Craig Senior. Our Website won best Website award of District 61. The award was 100 dollars shopping from Toastmasters International's Website.

We had another good news last week, MMs has got distinguished club award because of its hardworking members and inspiring past president, Jill Abramczyk. Firoozeh asked members to cheer on themselves. Hurrah

Our VP Ed, Karina had prepared the agenda, she had chosen ‘New promising chapter’ as theme of the day. In line with the theme, Erik, our Grammarian presented ‘promise’ as word of the day.

We had a different agenda today. In September, we have a busy schedule. We will hold our fall contest on 15th, showcase our club in Natasha’s office on 23rd and vote for dues and collect them before end of September.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to all discussions around September activities. The 2nd part of the agenda was Table Topics by Amadomo and the last part was General Evaluation by Vipul.

Firoozeh invited Natasha to the lectern to talk about the dues and take the vote. Executive committee had decided to increase both the membership dues and also one-time fee; $120 for membership and $35 for one-time fee. All the participants voted to increase the dues. For the next part, we had Karina, our VP Ed, who talked about upcoming contest. She discussed about the importance of contest and encouraged the members to participate in the humorous speech and evaluation contest on September 15th. Natasha and Firoozeh have volunteered respectively for evaluation and humorous speech contests. She also mentioned that the contests are a good motivator for TMs; they come out of their comfort zone, prepare and practice their speech based on a deadline, work harder, get more feedback and grow more. The last discussion was allotted to Natasha and showcasing MMs in Natasha's office. Since we couldn't use our location for September 22nd, Natasha suggested that we can have a show case in her office. She talked about her office and distributed a memo that she had already prepared. Members gave some feedbacks and Natasha asked them to provide further feedback by Friday. We decided to discuss further on next Tuesday after the meeting.

The discussion took a long time, so that we had just 10 minutes left. Firoozeh invited Amadomo to the lectern. Amadomo used the new Table Topics Cards that Rana had brought as a souvenir from Toastmasters International Convention in Los Vegas. Two members answered the questions and then Firoozeh closed the meeting. Today, we did not cover all the items on the agenda, but we talked about important issues that we did not have a chance to discuss with members earlier. Firoozeh closed the meeting at 1 pm, without completing evaluation part, but with discussing important issues with members. Was that a good decision?


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