Meeting 2015-08-25
Mon, February 29, 2016 at 0:03
Message Masters in Meeting report, Toastmasters downtown Ottawa

We had our last summer meeting today. Since next week, we will return to our location in the basement of the main library. We had a full agenda today. Our Sergeant at Arms, Karina, introduced our Toastmaster, Firoozeh. She welcomed everyone and mentioned that she had the opportunity to practice her leadership skills as Toastmaster four times in two months. She said that she broke her record for being the Toastmaster!!!

Then she thanked Club Interaction for accommodating Message Masters during the summer and considered their joint meetings very successful.

We had two speeches on the agenda. The first one by Crystal that Peter provided feedback and the second one was by Raynald and Rana provided feedback. Both speeches were in French. They are both learning French and it was their first speech in French. They both did an amazing job. Crystal presented speech number four from Competent Communication manual and Raynald presented his speech number one from Advanced Communicator Bronze. His manual is Story Telling. He narrated a very cute story in French. It was about an octopus that always makes problems, but finally converts to a hero at the end of the story.

For evaluation part, Tim called upon his team and Erik as timer said that all the speakers were in their time range. Tim said that he’s happy that clubs are learning something new from each other.

At the end of the meeting, Firoozeh made a toast to both clubs. She emphasized the importance of joint meetings as an opportunity to present in front of people who we had not met before. She also said that we fulfilled district 61 slogan; “Embrace the Change”. Both clubs have made some changes either in their procedures or their agendas. She mentioned that this will not end and we will continue our cooperation for upcoming contests and also our next summer joint meetings. Everybody raised their glass and made a toast to CLUB INTERACTION and MESSAGE MASTERS.

The joint meeting was adjourned to next summer :-)

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