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Meeting 2015-08-04

Today we had our fifth joint meeting with club Interaction with theme of “Dog Days of Summer”. We followed Club Interaction's agenda which is a little bit different from Message Masters. France was Sgt at Arms and opened the meeting with a very nice statement in both English and French, “We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.” Then she introduced the Toastmaster, Crystal.

Crystal welcomed the guest. The guest was a young man who visited Club Interaction because he wanted to improve his French. Then she called upon our grammarian, Elodie, to present the word of the day. Elodie presented “Inspiration” as word of the day. Inspiration is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

The first part of the meeting is a lot of fun and consists of three parts, English joke, French joke and toast. Percita cracked two English jokes, both her gestures and jokes were funny and everybody laughed. Tim said two funny French jokes. He spoke slowly to make it possible for all to understand. Finally Firoozeh presented a toast to all the outside workers who have to work during hot and sultry days of summer.

The next part of the meeting was a speech. Amadomo presented speech number three from the Competent Communication manual. His speech title was “Daily Life in Mali”. He tried to compare life in Mali and Canada. The way that people get up in the morning and also mothers serve food and water to their families. He also mentioned how life can be stressful and busy in Mali. Amadomo noted that Malians are very hospitable, friendly and welcoming. They love to have guests and they always leave their own work to help their friends and families. He also talked about Timbuktu and other historical points in Mali and invited the members to visit Mali.

The next part of the meeting was Table Topics. Angela took care of this part. She was a past member of Message Masters club. Based on day's theme, she had chosen statements from a book. Based on those statements, she asked a question and then pointed to the audience for an answer. She asked about the beverage that Rana prefers in hot weather, the activity that Elodie likes to do in the hot weather and many other questions.

The last part of the meeting was allotted to evaluation and quiz. First, Najwa evaluated Amadomo's speech. She admired his energy and the idea of projector, however she wanted to hear more convincing reasons for visiting Mali. Then Elodie presented her report and mentioned Angela and Percita as the most polished speakers. Etienne presented the Timer’s Report and thenTim posed several questions as Quiz Master. His questions were from speeches and Table Topics and the members proved their wonderful listening skills with giving correct answer to all of the questions. At the end, Peter provided feedback on the meeting. As benefit of our joint meetings, he mentioned that speaking in front of 14 people is much better than speaking in front of 7. Peter suggested Najwa to follow a structure for providing feedback to the speakers.

At the end of the meeting, Peter reminded both clubs to get ready for September contests. Cystal adjourned the meeting with making fun of the “puppy days” of summer rather than dog days.


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