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Meeting 2015-07-28

Today we had our fourth joint meeting with Club Interaction. During the summer time, Message Masters (MMs) and Club Interaction have joint meetings hosted by Club Interaction. Because the two clubs have different cultures and Interaction is a bilingual club, we have different agendas and procedures. The good thing is that both clubs are flexible and they are receptive to change. Both clubs have already starting doing some changes inspired by the other club. For example, Karina changed a little bit the format of our agenda,  inspired by Club Interaction. Before the meeting Tim and Karina, the two VP of Eds exchange a lot of emails to coordinate filling the roles and they do a very good job. They are the connection channel between the two clubs.

Today Message Masters chaired the meeting and our agenda was followed. Firoozeh was Toastmaster and we had a speech agenda; the first one by Crystal and the second one by Erik. Etienne, president of IC was the general evaluator.

Amadomo opened the meeting and introduced Firoozeh as the Toastmaster. He did a very good job as it was his first time being Sergeant at Arms. Firoozeh welcomed the guests and members. We had two guests, one of them was a CRA staff and the other one was, Angela, a previous member of Message Masters. Angela bravely took the role of Ah counter in the meeting. Najwa our Grammarian introduced "pompous" as word of the day. Pompous means grandiose, boastful and its antonyms are words like simple, humble and kind.

Crystal delivered the first speech, "Cute Factor," project number three from Competent Communication manual.  She explained how her mother was reluctant to have a dog and when she finally agreed to buy a puppy was very strict in educating her. She explained that she was not successful due to cute factor. She suggested the audience to consider the cute factor before buying a pet, because they may end up to sleeping in your bed despite of strict rules.

Tim evaluated Crystal's speech and admired the organization of her speech, use of good words and the topic that she had chosen. He said that she could fulfill the criteria to persuade the audience regarding the cute factor. He also liked her body language and vocal variety.

Erik was the next speaker. He did project number six from Competent Leadership manual, because he is working towards his ACG. He spoke about Bob Hope and his biography. He took us to more than eighty years ago when he started his carrier and talked about his history and quoted a lot of funny and entertaining statements by him.

Peter evaluated Erik's speech and admired his sense of humor and explained the structure of his speech.
The last part of the meeting was handled by Etienne. He liked video recording and liked the idea of posting the recordings on YouTube. He also suggested MMs to have a theme for the meeting. Etienne asked members to make word of the day more visible by using big fonts. He also recommended to include last names on the agenda. President of IC suggested use overhead for presentations.

Meeting was adjourned with comments from guests. Angela, the previous MMs member, handed over a binder to Firoozeh which belonged to Message Masters.




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