2015 Bake Sale Success!
Sun, June 7, 2015 at 23:48
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Congratulations everyone on a super successful bake sale! Fundraising is always a fun team effort.

Members donated tons of excellent baked goodies: a multitude of brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins, squares, dessert cups, and free smarties (thanks Erik!) covered two tables in the library lobby at noon today. When Tony from the library saw how full the first table was he asked "do you want another one?" And we gladly said "Yes!"

The Prize for the most visitors/colleagues showing up in support goes to... Percita!  She is always inspirational in motivating action. Seemed like every five minutes there was someone arriving who was invited by Percita. Good thing she was front and center at the tables.


Thanks to our $1 blitz at the end, we sold pretty much everything! We will use the money to book nine weeks worth of library room reservations in the Fall. Yeah!

Thank you bakers and makers, sellers and yellers. 
Thank you speakers and greeters, leaders and feeders. 
The Message Masters team effort was in full swing and I love how well we came together and represented Toastmasters with pride and dignity. Well done all the fun raisers and fundraisers!

The Prize for the most sought-after goodies goes to ... Rana and her teenage daughter for the Vegan peanut butter cookies. "Got anything vegan?" they asked. Thankfully, we were able to answer.

The Prize for the largest float ever goes to ... Karina! She brought us enough change to be able to make change for twenty dollar bills five times if we needed to. 


The Prize for the most original dessert goes to ... Firoozeh! She prepared a Persian rice dessert that caught the eye of many admirers and hungry souls. 

Thank you table topics masters who kept members on their toes and on their feet practicing their public speaking. I don't know if you got any visitors from the public, but I appreciate that everyone was ready to receive guests and demonstrate how our unique and lovable club works.    

My sincerest appreciation for everyone who donated their time, money, ideas, efforts and good energy to make this fundraising and public relations event go very, very smoothly. :). Whew.

Warmest regards,

Jill Abramczyk
Message Masters 7809


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