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Meeting 2015-06-16

Vipul started the meeting at 12:05, because we were waiting for the suitcase. In our training, most of us try to shed our baggage, but “the suitcase” contains all our meeting supplies! His opening to the session was so reviving. He called the members “fabulous” and it brought a lot of joy to the club. He spoke about an “Aha moment” he recently experienced. This feeling of happiness was the result of incremental growing towards his goal. Incremental growth in Toastmasters makes us feel good and happy. With this introduction she introduced Firoozeh as the Toastmaster.

Firoozeh started the meeting by comparing rain with Toastmasters. We are experiencing rainy days with different levels of precipitations, leading to growth for plants. The Toastmasters journey is the same. Sometimes we can work hard and sometimes we don’t have enough time to practice in the club. In general we all grow in proportion to the effort that we invest. For the benefit of new members, she briefly talked about the 2 manuals that they will soon receive and the way that they should complete different projects and keep records.

She continued the meeting by reviewing the roles and asked the role takers to briefly explain their roles. Erik, our Grammarian, introduced “meticulous” as word of the day and encouraged members to use the word.  Meticulous means, “Showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.”

Then she invited Natasha to the lectern as Karina’s speech evaluator. Natasha introduced Karina and read the objectives of her project. Karina was doing her speech number one, the Ice Breaker.

Karina’s speech title was “A Venezuelan in Canada.” Right away, she drew our attention to her speech with the question, “Do you think that people who speak Spanish are Spanish?” Then she spoke about her country and her architect family and her adorable dog and she gave us a better image by showing us some photos. Then Karina talked about her education and job back home and moved smoothly to the reason she decided to come to Canada. She explained how she feels safe in Ottawa and enjoys being able to commute alone at night in the city.

Natasha gave Karina an Ice Breaker ribbon and congratulated her for such a nice ice breaker. She highlighted her talent of public speaking and encouraged her to build on it. She admired the flow of the speech and considered her speech informative. Congrats Karina for this nice, energetic start!!!

Percita began the Table Topics session by emphasizing the importance of practicing impromptu speaking. Table Topics helps us to think quickly on our feet when we’re put on the spot and answer the questions. She used the suitcase cards, but she asked every question with an interesting explanation to make the audience ready to think and answer. The questions were about breaking habits, minding the friendship, choosing a charity, and visiting our favorite country. Our guest participated in Table Ttopics and all the answers were within the range of 1-2 minutes.

Jyothi was the last person today who came to the lectern with her evaluation. She gave some feedback on opening the meeting and emphasized the importance of powerful opening of the meeting and also encouraging the next speaker with a round of applause.  She admired Natasha’s feedback and recommendations to Karina regarding closing of her evaluation. She also admired Elodie in her role of timer and giving timely notices about the time. Wendy gave a detailed report on the way people were using Ahs, Ams, and crutch words. Jyothi was amazed at how meticulous she is.

After Jyothi’s evaluation, we had time for round table feedback on Karina’s speech. She received a lot of good feedback that can help her to improve her interview skills.

At the end, Percita encouraged members to participate in our summer joint meetings with Club Interaction and considered it as a valuable opportunity to exchange our experience with another club.

The meeting was adjourned sharp at 1 pm.


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