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Meeting 2015-06-09

Today we had our first meeting in June. Our beloved president, Jill, was our Toastmaster today. It was kind of bitter sweet. It was bitter, because Jill has to leave the club due to her new job commitments. It was sweet because we had a huge turnout to say good bye to our dear president.

She talked about our successful bake sale and $232 that we raised in last week's fundraising event. She thanked everyone especially new members and admired their enthusiasm to make a successful fundraiser.

She also announced that for July and August we’ll have again a joint meeting with Club Interaction. The agenda will rotate between the two clubs and each club fills the roles every other week. She explained that holding joint meetings helps our club to save money. Jill said when we return in September to our place, everything would be ready and there’s no reason to be worried about the budget and hopefully we don’t need to increase the dues.

Firoozeh also announced 2015-06-27 as the last opportunity for new executives to participate in Club Officer Training at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI). Jill cheerfully announced that Natasha has taken the role of Treasurer in our next executive committee.

After such a nice start we continued with Vipul’s speech. He did his first speech "My Ice Breaker." He described the time that he got accepted in the university in India and then why he applied to get his masters degree in Canada. He is an eager engineer working for government. His goal of communication was reached when he noticed that in his homeland most people use cellphone and they can communicate easily with others around the world. In his speech he looked very confident and surprisingly he didn’t use his notes. Well Done Vipul!!!!!

The next part was Table Topics, led by Rana. Rana’s questions could be divided into two groups;  News and fun questions.

Almost all the members and also one of our guests participated in Table Topics and they provided pretty good answer; Good logic, nice examples, timely vocal variety and also fantastic body language. All the answers were in the time range between 1-2 minutes.

At the end of the meeting, Jill, talked about her goals as president and her happiness for reaching them. She mentioned her goals as follow:

Keep the club operating, bring fun and energy to the club, organizing the meetings, organizing a speech contest, and fundraising.

Jill closed the meeting on time.


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