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Meeting 2015-04-07

Today’s session was a lot fun. Before starting the meeting, our president, Jill distributed a handout, an article titled “The Best Public Speaking Tips from 90 years of Toastmasters” by Rick Spence from the National Post. Thanks Jill for this nice resumption!!

We were pleased to welcome a guest, Corina. She heard about us through EventBrite.

Percita already started setting up the room by the time our Sergeant at Arms, Natasha, arrived, enabling Natasha to open on time. At that moment, two members and a guest arrived, so she paused dramatically, or was it administratively, to enable them to get settled. Then she introduced our Toastmaster, Rana.

Rana welcomed members and our guest and mentioned a couple of changes in our agenda. She asked for volunteers to fill up the Grammarian role. Erik took Grammarian along with Ah Counter role.  Natasha and Percita had switched their roles. Rana continued with requesting Executive Committee reports.

Jill, our president, announced that the Executive Committee will have a meeting tomorrow to discuss several things including fundraising. She also reminded members about the District 61 District Council meeting and encouraged us to attend the conference to see the speakers. Percita, persuaded members to read Toastmasters magazines. She especially pointed out that the following articles are very interesting and helpful: “Why we do Handshakes” and “Storytelling in the Business Environment.”

Erik announced “unwavering” as word of the day. Unwavering is an adjective and means to be steady, unchanging, and constant. Members used this word for three times during the meeting.

We continued with Leonardo’s speech, inspirational project number 10, finishing his Competent Communication manual. The title of his speech was “Food.”

He opened his speech with picturing a delicious turkey in our imagination. He continued his speech with talking about when he was a little boy and her mother did her best in hope of helping him to get a layer of fat. He mixed his story with a lot of humor and continued with emphasizing on the vital importance of food in our life. He supported his main idea with examples to explain why we should eat good food. He talked about the social aspect of food in growing friendship, getting together, and exchanging ideas at dinner tables.

Sylvain was Leonardo’s speech evaluator. He pointed his speech as a great speech and admired his appropriate hand gestures and body language without using notes.

Leonardo received other feedbacks like: very nice transition between jokes and his main point and powerful ideas like the social aspect of food. Other feedbacks were: be more direct to what you expect from the audience, give some tips, and a better structure could work better.

The next part of our meeting was Table Topics which was presented by Jill. She started table topics with explaining how she had celebrated very simple events during the weekend. The events were unpacking several boxes for her mother, enjoying a ride with her spouse,  and then returning home and celebrating with dogwatchers. The theme was “celebration” and she asked us to connect the pictures with celebration. She had a bunch of upside down photos. Speakers were supposed pick one page, turn the page and read it and speak about it and connect it to a celebration. Janice, Natasha, Firoozeh and also our brave guest Corina spoke about the pictures. They were all in the time limit.

Percita was our today General Evaluator. She mentioned two points: 1- Natasha’s discretion to make a pause and giving people enough time to get settled down. 2-Rana’s friendly reminder to Sylvain, when he forgot to hand over the ribbon for completing CC to Leonardo.  Rana also asked them to return to the lectern and the entire club cheered on Leo for his effort to complete CC manual.

Congrats Leo for finishing your CC manual. We are so excited to hear your next speech from advanced manual. Good Luck!!

Rana continued speaking about role of Treasurer in the Executive Committee. She encouraged members to nominate for role of treasurer. She said that this role helps  experience how financial management works in a club. This is a skill that every body can transfer to work settings and will look good on the resume. This role gives individual a sense of being what it’s like to be the treasurer. Jill gave a powerful comment on this role and said that without the treasurer, club will not exist. Every club should send the dues at the end of September to Toastmaster International in order to be able to be active and continue as a club in good standing.

At the end of the meeting Firoozeh drew members’ attention to the last page of Competent Leadership manual. This page is a record sheet for roles that everybody takes in during the meetings. She encouraged members to fill up the roles and get credit and complete their Competent Leadership manual along with Competent Communication manual.


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