Meeting 2014-09-23
Tue, September 30, 2014 at 20:42
Message Masters

Our Toastmaster, Rachael, opened the meeting on time and spoke about the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals. Then Erik presented “judgment” for the Word of the Day, which means “an act or instance of judging.”

Our President, Jill, planned a training session for us. Coach Craig would deliver what he called a whirlwind briefing: “Successful Evaluation - Feedback That Inspires.” Then we would hear Natasha’s entry in the Humorous Speech Contest, followed by Rana practising for the Evaluation Contest by evaluating Natasha’s speech.

In our evaluation training we learned about the “Sandwich Method” for giving constructive feedback in three parts: good, bad, and good; or bread, meat and bread. He suggested the analogy was imprecise and proposed a modified sandwich: rapport, feedback, inspire.

He said that the evaluator should listening intently, focusing on the criteria for the speech project. An evaluator can take notes. He demonstrated examples of giving specific feedback, contrasting words to avoid and words to use. He finished by describing congruence where the material, our bodies, face, voice and mannerisms all work together. For details, visit:

The next person who stood up behind the lectern was Natasha. She presented her project number two from the Competent Communication manual. She spoke about vegetarianism and encouraged us to stop eating meet to the benefit of our health and our planet. She shared with us her experience and positive impact on her life by giving up meat.

First Rana and then all people around the table evaluated her speech. Everyone was trying to apply the training we just received from Craig. Evaluators liked her body language and the logical flow of her speech. For such a serious subject, for the Homorous Speech Contest, they suggested she add more humor to make the message more palatable, indicate her topic, and be alarmed about her message.

After that we intended to give Rana feedback on her evaluation, but ran out of time. Craig wrapped up the evaluation part by describing some criteria for the Evaluation Contest, specifically that the conclusion must summarize the evaluation and encourage the speaker. As an exercise, he suggested Rana write a three minute evaluation at home.

Jill as General Evaluator, asked Timer, Firoozeh and Toastmaster, Rachael, to cut discussions when we are short of time. Good lesson thanks Jill!! Good practice being diplomatically assertive in real-world situations.

Today several good things happened:


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