Meeting 2014-09-16
Sun, September 21, 2014 at 20:18
Message Masters

We had a wonderful start! All around the table were enthusiastic people. We welcomed four guests.

Our Toastmaster, Percita introduced our club members as a "family" where we have fun and learn. We learn public speaking and leadership skills with the support of our comrades. What better way to have fun than with our word of-the day, "delectable," an adjective meaning delicious, mouth-watering, appetizing, extremely beautiful or attractive.

Jill as Table Topics Master suggested that speaking from the heart and mind is the ultimate goal for a speaker.  She did something new for our club. She brought real toasting glasses and filled them with water. Jill what’s going on here, thank you!!! That was preparation... She handed out a one-page quick reference on proposing toasts, demonstrated a toast, then it was our turn. To propose a toast:

  1. introduce yourself
  2. describe why the recipient deserves the toast
  3. ask the other members to rise
  4. give clear instruction on the wording of the toast
  5. lead the other members in saying the toast and drinking the beverage.

Erik, Firoozeh, Sylvain, Yin Fung and Craig were chosen. Erik toasted Mike Duffy as a politician. Sylvain toasted Celine Dion as his special singer. Firoozeh toasted her professor at the university as a person who made a great impression in her life. Yin Fung toasted her father as her hero. Craig used an article by Ezra Levant about Justin Trudeau to toast and defend those “on the fringe”!!!

Rana presented her number 5 project from the Advanced manual, Speaking Persuasively. The topic of her presentation was "Leadership 2.0" asking what kind of leaders we need for the public service. She demonstrated her point by contrasting two managers with different leadership styles: one directing and the other inspiring. In addition to good examples, her open body language made her speech more engaging. She received feedback on her speech, like asking her to describe how the different leadership styles affected her performance and a suggestion on how to make the talk more concise.

Valerie as General Evaluator, doing her first evaluation, spoke for five minutes, sharp, and she asked some questions from the audiences about Table Topics, which made it interesting.

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