Meeting 2014-09-09
Tue, September 16, 2014 at 23:18
Message Masters

For start of the meeting our Toastmaster, Craig, welcomed our two guests and talked about the importance of attending Toastmaster meetings. He suggested that attending Toastmasters could be considered as an hour of training for the employees. Then he talked about different time schedules of about 80 clubs in Ottawa and then asked Grammarian and Timer to talk about their roles. Then he announced that members may pay their dues, and Rana talked about the fee which mostly goes for renting the room in the Main library. Some of the members paid their dues during the meeting.

Rachael like always had a fun way to start Table Topics. Fedra, Rana, Firoozeh, Hala (brave guest), and Natasha were chosen to talk about the topic. She distributed a paper with a name on it. The selected speaker turned over the paper and read the name. The names were door, suitcase, briefcase, etc.

Jill's presentation project was “Presenting An Award.” Her topic was "Shapeshifter of the Year." She talked about Rana and portrayed her hard work very beautifully and talked about her ability to play in different roles at the club. Jill gave the award to Rana and she got very happy and thanked her sincerely. It was a surpring award to one of the club members which everybody enjoyed. Fedra suggested to Jill that it could be interesting if she had played a piece of music in the background.

As General Evaluator, Erik analyzed the speeches that we had made in Table Topics and gave practical comments for everyone, like feeling free to depart from the topic.

Our meeting came to an end with our guests comment about the meeting.

• A three-hour Contest Judging workshop from 6-9 pm will be held on Thursday at Jean Talon Building.
• Dues will increase for Message Master membership to $110

Reporter: Firoozeh

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