Meeting: 2014-11-04
Thu, November 6, 2014 at 13:15
Message Masters

Firoozeh called meeting to order and introduced our Toastmaster, Craig on time. 

Craig welcomed members and guests. He also reminded that due to Remembrance day (November 11) and library closure, Message Masters wouldn’t have any meeting for the next week. The meeting continued with Erik who presented “remembrance” as Word of the Day. Then Craig smoothly moved to the evaluator of the first speech, Natasha.

Natasha introduced Jill and presented her speech objectives. After that Craig awarded Jill a trophy (a puppy) for her unconditional love to dogs. She received this award as part of her project number 4 on Advanced Communication manual in which she was to give an award to someone and she creatively awarded herself. Jill used projector as visual aid to tell an amazing story about her vacation in a peaceful island. The story was about homeless dogs. A charitable organization near the hotel finds homeless dogs, vaccinates them, and takes care of them. They also facilitate adoption and air travel of the dogs to their new homes. It was an engaging story and everybody admired her for...  adopting one of the dogs.

She received feedback around the use of visual aid. Craig suggested she look at the laptop, not the projection screen. She was also asked what this award meant to her.

The next speech was Sylvain’s first project. He had a very engaging Ice Breaker.  He used a Japanese fan as a prop and didn’t use any notes, which was fantastic. In five minutes and forty seconds he summarized his life at home, his work, and ended up with his decision to join Toastmasters.

The feedback he received was very encouraging. People liked his hand gestures and the good mix of his speech which gave the audience a clear image about him as Sylvain. Members cheered him on his first speech and Rana gave him an Ice Breaker ribbon.

Our General Evaluator, Percita, was happy to see everything was set up before the meeting. She also said that word of the day was appropriate and visual aids were very helpful.

At the end of the meeting, Coach Craig gave the opportunity for one of the guests, who would be a contestant in the District Evaluation Contest, to practice by evaluating Jill’s speech. Good time for more practice!

Craig asked the guests about their feedback and they evaluated Message Masters a friendly and welcoming club.


Jill announced that we would have a celebration for Message Masters's 20th anniversary in December. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE MASTERS!!


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