Meeting 2014-10-28
Thu, October 30, 2014 at 13:03
Message Masters

Pranav hit the gavel sharp at 12:00 and started the meeting wby introducing courageous Sylvain as Toastmaster. 

Sylvain welcomed the members and asked our Grammarian, Craig, to present Word of The Day. Craig presented  “reminisce”  which means  indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events and its noun form “reminiscence” means a story told about a past event remembered by the narrator. Craig presented this example; “Craig likes to reminisce about the early years of Message Masters, when we didn’t know what we were doing.”

Then Sylvain introduced Rana as Table Topics Master. Rana just returned from GTEC 2014, which is the largest annual event for the Canadian Government Technology. She talked about the atmosphere and presentation of private and public IT people in the event. She beautifully used this introduction to present a slide show and asked for volunteers to speak about the images. The images were pictures from movies like Titanic, Mrs.Doubtfire, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Rocky, Jurassic Park, and also a picture of an old man and woman. Natasha, Craig, Firoozeh, Sylvain, and Pranav spoke about the slides. They could all successfully accomplish off-the-cuff speech goal. 

We moved on to the next part of the meeting when Sylvain introduced Rachael as the speaker. Rachael’s speech title was “hustling for good health”. She had chosen health topic for her project number seven from Competent Communication manual which is “research your topic”. She started her speech with a creative idea. She played a rhythmic music that students in the 90s were used to do morning exercise. She asked us to do the exercise and it helped us to make a connection with her topic. She could easily engage the audience and gave us concrete reasons for the positive impacts of exercise on our health and longevity. She delivered a well-organized presentation with good use of music and movements. All the audience enjoyed her presentation. 

Erik as General Evaluator asked for Timer, Ah Counter and Grammarians’ reports. Craig as Grammarian gave a detailed report, which demonstrates his eloquence and attention to details. We all learned that for consistency in our communications, use "may" for permission and "might" for probability. Using "may" for probability creates an inconsistency that forces the listener or reader to think back to determine the intended meaning.


At the end of the meeting all members were encouraged to participate in the Toastmasters District 61 Fall Conference. It’s the social side of Toastmasters where you’ll meet Toastmasters from other clubs. You will also hear the best of the best of keynote speakers.


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