Meeting 2014-10-21
Tue, October 21, 2014 at 19:21
Message Masters

Lorraine stood behind the lectern as Sergeant at Arms at 12:00 and introduced Jill as our Toastmaster.
Jill was very well-prepared for the meeting. She had a surprise for the club. She made a delicious cake to celebrate 90th anniversary of Toastmasters Clubs. We sang happy birthday and Rana and Fedra blew the candles. She also prepared several questions as a quiz, which she asked during the meeting and surprisingly received correct answers to all the questions.

Erik was cheered for his new role in his Toastmaster experience as the Governor of Area 21. Janice announced “cohesion” as word of the day. Cohesion in form of noun means “the action or fact of forming a united whole” and in adjective form “cohesive” means characterized by or causing cohesion.

Then the meeting was followed up with two amazing speeches.

Jill called Pranav as the first speaker. Pranav presented his first speech; the Ice Breaker. His presentation title was “The World Citizen”. He could easily engage the audience and introduced himself very effectively. He didn’t use any notes and smoothly went through different stages of his life.  Members cheered him on his first speech and Jill gave him Ice Breaker Ribbon.  The only suggestion that he received in order to improve his speech was using humor.

Leonardo was the second speaker. He presented project number 8 from Competent Communication manual. The title of his speech was “The First Woman of My Life”. He took advantage of a laptop as visual aid to run a slideshow. He spoke about his mother and her passion of cooking, love of family and joy of life. He could successfully portray his mother during her one-month stay in Canada with Leo, his wife and two kids. His sense of humor, passion for subject, body language and on time pauses engaged the audience. He handed out several copies of an Italian Pasta recipe which disappeared in a twinkle of an eye.

He received some feedback from members about slideshow. They said that they couldn’t follow slideshow due to high speed and invisibility from distance. Rana announced that the club has a projector for presentations which will be provided upon members’ request before the meeting.

Our General Evaluator, Rachael, was happy to see all the members present in the meeting and admired their huge turnout. She praised Jill for handling a cheerful meeting and appointing Lorraine as Sergeant at Arms due to last second change in the agenda. She also evaluated Erik and Fedra’s feedback very positive.
Despite of busy schedule, meeting finished on time.

Jill announced that Erik has been chosen as the Area 21 Governor. Congratulations Erik!


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