Meeting 2014-10-14
Tue, October 14, 2014 at 19:35
Message Masters

Our Sergeant at Arms, Craig started the meeting on time and introduced our Toastmaster, Firoozeh.

Firoozeh talked about some changes to the agenda and replacing one of the speeches with Table Topics.  She assigned the role of Timer to the brave volunteer, Pranav.

We were fortunate to have two guests: Erin and Martine.  Erin was a former member of the club and she is very excited to return.  Welcome back Erin!  Martine is the wife of one of our members, Craig Senior.

It was fantastic that Jyothi took her first role as Ah Counter on her first day in the Message Masters club. Lorraine our Grammarian introduced “grandiloquence” as the Word of the Day. Grandilouquence means a lofty, extravagantly colourful, pompous, or bombastic style, manner, or quality especially in language.

As Table Topics Master, Rana, spoke about her nice experience in last Friday's Area 21 Evaluation contest. She won the contest, which was jointly held by Area 21 and Area 24. Congratulations Rana!!

Rana’s Table Topics theme was inspired by one of the Toastmasters in the Humorous contest. She asked about a previous experience with a pet, a time that we were asked to do something but we didn’t want to, and what we would do if we meet a celebrity or a famous person.

Our guests were very active, responding to the questions. Erin shared with us her nice experience in a student club in Los Angeles and meeting three celebrities, two of which were comedians. Martine also took us to her childhood and challenges for taking care of her duck and finally giving to a farmer. Sylvain also talked about the time that he accepted something that he wasn’t willing to.

The meeting continued with a fantastic presentation by Percita. She did her project number six from Competent Communicator manual. She talked about her family tree. She described genealogy as the second hobby in the United States and mentioned that curiosity is the most important reason for this interest. She used different tools and ways to collecting the information about her ancestors. She demonstrated the difficult, but possible process of finding her roots. She showed us her grandparents wedding photo which helped us to make much better connection with her speech. Her speech Evaluator, Craig, praised her effort and also organization of her speech and when he asked who is interested in family tree. Everybody raised his/her hand.  She received some feedback like choosing a title for her speech and also describing the handouts.

Our General Evaluator, Erik, reviewed the meeting and gave wonderful comments to participants. He asked Toastmaster to introduce a theme for the meeting like Thanksgiving or Senators Hockey games.
He evaluated Rana’s Table Topic very interesting and amusing.

The meeting was adjourned five minutes ahead of time.


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