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Meeting: 2014-01-07 New Year's Resolution

Toastmaster: Rana Dincoy
Timer: Rachael Strong
Grammarian and Ah Counter: Chris McCarthy
General Evaluator: Jill Abramczyc
Seminar presenter: Craig Senior

Our first meeting in 2014 started fidgetingly, with everyone full of energy after the holidays. As Toastmaster, Rana took this extra energy and focused it on the topics at hand, during the meeting. Craig facilitated a very interesting workshop on interviewing techniques. He started by presenting the main ideas behind a model for answering experential questions in case-interviews. This model, called PARADE, was developed by Victor Cheng of
Click here for details on the PARADE Method and many other articles by Victor Cheng.
The PARADE model comprises six steps:
  • Problem (the situation to solve)
  • Anticipated Consequence (the unintended outcome of the unsolved problem)
  • Role (the role of the respondent in the process of resolving the problem and reducing the risk of unwanted consequences)
  • Action (the set of actions taken to alleviate the problem and bring additional value to the company, relationship, world, etc.
  • Decision-Making Rationale (outlining the analysis of options and reasoning for choosing one strategy over other)
  • End-Result (positive outcome, lessons learned, way forward).

After his presentation, Craig gave us an example of a PARADE response from his professional experience and encouraged all of us to participate. Rachael, Jill, Erik, Percita, Paula, Rana, and Fedra all took the chance to practice this new model with examples from their personal and professional lives.  Rachael was the first enthusiastic volunteer, sharing a professional experience from years ago, setting our time bar at 3 minutes.

As Timer for such an unorthodox meeting agenda, Rachael did a great job keeping us within the allotted time and Jill made a general evaluation of the meeting.

At the end, the Toastmaster offered guests the chance to speak and both of them made positive comments about the good dynamic of our group and the importance of training in public speeking.


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