Meeting: 2010-03-16 "Going Deep"
Wed, March 17, 2010 at 1:45
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While today's meeting was lightly attended due to March break, we went deep on quality.

Faye practiced her contest speech and we invested some extra time focused on delivery: congruent emoting and use of physical space (blocking). As always, our feedback was VERY specific and highly developmental. We all notice different things as we listen in an audience!

In Table Topics, Craig designed each question for the intended presenter, still maintaining the structure of posing the question and then selecting the presenter. Each person received a question about a subject Craig felt the person would be highly passionate about and dropped hints to that effect in stating the questions. The members delivered.

The first question was for Todd in his practice for the Division C contest next week. He artfully dug into his speaking treasure and pulled out the magic rabbit of oratory, emoting and demonstrating. Chris spoke about something he passionately hates: shopping. Danita spoke about the value of social activities at work. Faye spoke on a more general subject: what are you most passionate about?

"The exercise," says Craig, "is to draw on experiences that incite and maybe excite our emotions. The intention is to have those emotions drive our voice, face, body, and hands. Instead of using vocal variety or pauses, or gestures, all these elements arrive naturally when our conscious selves get out of the way and allow our authentic selves to be fully present and in the moment with our speaking.

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