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Meeting: 2010-10-04 "Silence of the Lambs - Speaking without words"

On 2010-10-14, we experimented with Table Topics. We had participants stand for 90 seconds. Instead of giving them a topic, I asked them to stand in silence. There were no instructions other than at the end, we would discuss our experience.

4 people spoke... uh, participated.

I felt confident on approaching the lectern and was comfortable during the first minute.  During the last 30 seconds or so, I felt a little anxious and apprehensive.  As Danita said, I took on the attitude of most of the people that I made I contact with.


The exercise was very effective at illustrating how my body responds when in front of a group.  Rather than being concerned with content, as when delivering a message, my concentration became focused on the small reactions like shifting my body weight, tension in my face/cheeks, my heart rate etc.   It was very eye-opening!
Kathy Bedard
Director HR Consulting

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