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Write Speeches with Music as a Guide

William Cassels says we can use music as a guide to writing speeches.

As a song progresses, we can go through a series of emotional states and conjure memories. Likewise, a speech can bring us through emotional states, incite memories, or inspire hope.

"There are an infinite number of tunes to choose from."

Listen to Bill describe how we can apply the structure of music to our speeches, or even set speeches to music.  At the end, listen to him go through a speech, describing a childhood flicker that seven years later turned into a flame.

Here is an amazing, beautiful presentation set to music, "Gratitude," by Louie Schwartzberg in a TED Talk given in June 2011. Enjoy.

The amazing "BluePrint to Success" by Eric Thomas.

The inspiring meditation "Be Here Now" by Dr Bill Ramos, music by Gary Malkin, words by Ram Dass.


Check out Bill's page on Facebook page P.I.A.N.O. Persistance in Achieving New Outcomes.

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