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Values of the Message Masters Toastmasters Club

In 2014-11, there was a question on on the values demonstrated at one's Toastmasters club, I replied to the question and put the question to our members. These are the evolving values of our club:
  • enthusiasm
  • gratitude 
  • recognition 
  • education through the Toastmasters program and complementary information from beyond Toastmasters (we aren't the only source) 
  • excellence (innovation and continuous improvement) in all that we do 
  • integrity (discern right from wrong strive to live according to the discernment of right, be open with one's actions) 
  • customer experience-oriented (viewing our activities from the point-of-view of prospects, guests, and members) 
  • acceptance of each person as a valuable, unique human being (respect) 
  • acceptance of each person's opinion as a valued, unique perspective for consideration (respect) 
  • transparency in all our activities (integrity and respect)
  • mutual support and encouragement
  • team work, respecting everyone's time and contributing to operating the group
  • have fun while learning and getting positive energy for our weekly activities

Coach Craig

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