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Tired of the "L" Word?

On the bus recently, I accidentally eavesdropped on a conversation between two post-secondary students, an effect of their volume more than my interest.

Where once, I would wince in response to the pervasive "F" word, now my internal pain is now triggered by an infestation of the "L" word: Like.

"...and she was like... And he like... And they were like..."
"Like that's so like sick!"

I used to like the word, "like." It's a friendly word. "I like you. I like this place. I like your hair (political correctness aside)."

Liking many things and many people, I believed the word could not be overused, until now. Now we like pictures, pages, and pets on Facebook. We can even like our politicians. On YouTube, we can like videos, even on "Friday." On LinkedIn, we can like bosses and businesses for which we will never work again.

Everywhere - Like, Like, Like!

The only thing left that I do like is green eggs and ham... where do I click?

Craig Senior

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