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The Power of Toastmasters for the Job Interview

We encourage members of our group to exercise their abilities to lead, speak, think, and write. One of our members, Rachael Strong of, wrote this post on how Toastmasters training can help you with the job interview:

Today I read an article entitled “Interviewers Always Notice These 3 Little Details”, attached, posted in the Business Insider, written by Ryan Khan from the Daily Muse:

The first point in this article, “Appearance – Head to Toe” provides similar advice to what I provided in my recent blog, “Style tips for the Job Interview”.

The second point, “Um’s the Word – To Avoid”, reminded me of the value of Toastmasters International (Toastmasters).


I am a member of Toastmasters. Every Tuesday at noon, I meet with like-minded individuals and practice my public speaking. I do this for fun, but the benefits of this practice are many.

How you look is only one part of your overall communication.  What you say and how you say it is another.  Toastmasters can help with this.

Here are three tips I have learned at Toastmasters (in addition to “Um’s the Word – To Avoid”), which can help you at your next job interview:

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