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The Language of Impact

One of the world's great media consultants and former KABC radio talkshow host, Joel Roberts, says,

"The stakes are higher than ever before and the moment is briefer than ever before. We live in a sound bite, headline, hyperlink world."

He says,

Of all the words that I detest in the English language, two of the ones I hate the most are 'media' and 'training.'

He discourages media training, don't graft a persona on the speaker. Bring out the genuine person, the authentic person. Use the universal skills of "The Language of Impact" to reach and interest a mass audience with you and your message. Being a compelling communicator doesn't come from polish. "Connecting with your heart is better than any degree of polish."

Listen to Joel now describe the problem and what you can do about it:

That is exactly what we strive to do in Toastmasters - bring out the authentic speaker. The who-you-really-are-when-you-speak-from-the-heart speaker.

Being interviewed is somewhat like Table Topics in that your answers can be short, but what appear to be off-the-cuff, impromptu responses rarely are.  How can you prepare to speak without preparation?

For more information about Joel, check out his Web site:


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