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Speech Contest Judges Workshop

Toastmasters District 61 regularly delivers speech contest judging workshops. In the fall of 2014, we recorded a workshop using the Humorous Speech Contest criteria.

In Part 1, you receive the teaching and slides embeded into the video. The teaching analyzes every word of the Judges Guide and Ballot to strive to come to a consensus on the meaning, or agree that the judge must use their judgement to discern meaning. To enable you to follow-along and enter your own scores, download the Humorous Speech Contest Kit, print the Judges Guide and Ballot.

Part 2 presents a mock Humorous Speech Contest, which the judges score. Then we review each criteria together.

At the request of several participants in our Speech Contest Judges Workshops, we present the PowerPoint slides from a previous version.

In this format, you miss the slide animations and the nuances discussed during the session, but it might still be of value to you.

Also consult with the Toastmasters International web page Session 2: When You're the Judge, with links to rules, documentation, and the Speech Contest Judges Training Program.

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