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Script: Grammarian


Use the Word of the Day (Word) (Rich Text Format (RTF) template to present the Word-of-the-Day and a blank piece of paper to record grammatical notes and report at the end of the meeting.

Explain the Role (Start of meeting)

As Grammarian, the first part of my role is to present the Word-of-the-Day. In our group, we create a little fun by trying to use the word of the day on-the-fly. We acknowledge when anyone uses the word by lightly rapping on the table.The Word-of-the-Day today is [reveal the word and say it]. [Word] is a [verb, noun, etc] that means [definition]. For example, [use the word in a sentence]. 

I also listen to our use of language, taking note of erroneous and creative words or grammar, and report at the end of the meeting. Our aim is to speak concisely and achieve clear, eloquence speech. At the end of the meeting, I will report on my findings.

Report (End of meeting)

[To save time, we stand at our seat and report, but if you want it video recorded, just walk up and the General Evaluator will hand off to you.  Keep the tone light, cheerful and humourous.]

Today, the Word-of-the-Day was used 5 times: Zoe once, Yuwin three times, Xavier once, and Wiley once.

On grammar, someone said, "We will be going to listen to..." Try the simple form of the verb, "We will listen to..."

Someone said, "our plans going forward." Are the plans going forward?  Does "going forward" mean future time or progress?  From the context, we don't know.  Is it future plans, or plans for the future? For what other time would one plan but the future?  Therefore, all we need to say is, "our plans."

Timothy said, "...trumped by tiny terrible twos at the terrifically traumatic toy store." Quite literally a linguistic alliteration. Double marks for saying it with a smile.




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