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Script: Ah Counter


Use the Ah Counter Report (Word) (PDF) template to record Ahs, Ums and other crutch words. Report at the end of the meeting.

Explain the Role (Start of meeting)

As Ah Counter, I listen for crutch words such as "ah" "um" "so" "you know" and "like." Our aim is to reduce our reliance on those words and achieve clear, eloquence speech. At the end of the meeting, I will report on my findings.

Report (End of meeting)

Today, Amy had 2 ums

Bob had 2 ahs and 3 ums

Cathy had 0, which is amazing considering she delivered a 7 min speech

Dillon had 3 likes and 2 you know

Ed had just 1 um



Our club does NOT use a bell and we are unaware of any that do, but there could be...

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