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Rhyming Dictionaries

While working on a speech, I toyed around with some rhymes, remembered my paper rhyming dictionary two floors down, in the book dungeon. I wondered if there was a rhyming dictionary on-line. I consulted with my "Dr. Know" A.K.A. Google, and found a few to share with you.


It was moderately simple to use and very powerful. You can select one of five types of rhymes:

  • Beginning rhymes
  • First syllable rhymes
  • Double rhymes
  • Last syllable rhymes
  • End rhymes

"Procrastinate": lots (if you pay me, I'll count them, but trust me, it's lots)


Rhyme Brain

Very simple to use, producing very acceptable results. There is no ability to filter the results. You get everything at once in as many columns as your screen resolution and zoom level will allow in the window.

"Procrastinate": lots


Rhyme Zone

The first screen presented appears more complicated than it is. The site is very simple to use.

"Procrastinate": 61 results



Complexity is moderate. You can select rhyme sets, based on vowels, or one of 28 largest rhyme sets. You can also search on a word. After searching, you can filter the results:

  • nouns
  • verbs
  • adjectives
  • adverbs

The default search results are for "pure rhymes." You can select from among the following types of rhymes:

  • pure rhymes
  • end rhymes
  • near rhymes
  • near end rhymes
  • mosaic rhymes

If you are unsure what that means, you can get help. All this makes it more complicated than the other sites, but it seemed more powerful.



Complexity is moderate.

You can select German or English.

You can select rhyme sets:

  • strict
  • vowels
  • consonants
  • Phonetic: double metaphone
  • Phonetic: Soundex
  • Phonetic: NYSIIS
  • Phonetic: Kölner Verfahren (for German only)

You can select from among hte following types of rhymes:

  • match beginning
  • match anywhere
  • match end

If you are unsure what that means, you can get help. This makes it more complicated than most other rhyming sites, but it seemed quite powerful.


Rhyme It!

Very simple, so simple that it produced no results for my test word "procrastinate."



If you have the time, feel free in your playtime or teatime sometime to prime your rhyme with some sublime thyme.

Coach Craig

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