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Nick Newton - Positive Attitude Every Moment

Faced with terminal lung cancer, 69-year old Nick Newton faces it full on with positive attitude. Here he is interviewed by CBC Television Ottawa while taking a final tour around Ottawa in a limousine with family and friends.

No grumps allowed, no negativity!

Click below to watch the video on the CBC Web site.

Photo: CBC Ottawa 

Most of the people come in looking like they're going to a funeral, but I'll go laughing.

What you can prevent, fight like hell. If you can't prevent it, enjoy the ride.

Thank you Nick for showing us how to live life to the fullest... every moment.


Nick's family and friends held a "Celebration of Life" at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. Hundreds of people attended. Friends and loved ones spoke. Mayor Jim Watson attended to present the "Mayor's City Builder Award," which read:

Presented posthumously to Nick Newton

In recognition of outstanding community service and civic dedication to improving the quality of life of the citizens of Ottawa.

Through his extraordinary volunteer efforts, he distinguished himself as an exemplary city builder, who made an important contribution to building out community as a better place to live and work, in addition to building on Ottawa's benevolent strengths as a caring and compassionate city to take pride in.

Presented by His Worship Jim Watson on this 10th day of February, 2013

Jim Watson, Mayor

Mayor Watson made a few comments with notes and then spoke for a while without notes, which seemed like only a moment, because all in attendance deeply appreciated his words.

May we aspire to live a life fully lived.

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