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Master of Ceremonies

It's easy to think of the role of Master of Ceremonies (a.k.a. M.C., or emcee) as less important than the main performers at an event.  Well, they’re right.  The emcee IS less important.  While the emcee is not the star of the show, a good emcee can bring an event to life and maintain that energy. The emcee is STILL important.

Photo: Erick Sodhi

This 4-part series of articles touches on some elements of becoming an effective Master of Ceremonies.  It describes what to do in planning an event, on the day of an event, and during an event. Many of these tasks should be performed by the event planner (producer), not you, but some people tasked with planning an event don’t necessarily know what to do. You can wind up taking on a pile of work to maintain your credibility. You are fortunate if you get to work with a professional meeting planner such as members of Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Of the ideas I present here, many are above the call of duty, unexpected of you.  The level of service you provide to your client is up to you.  If you went above that call of duty, you would delight your customer and get invited back.  If you cannot do a great job at a particular event, don’t take the job. Refer it to someone else.

If some ideas are unrelated to your particular event, just ignore them. The ideas are geared for larger events.  Use what you need and save the rest for another day.

Part 2 - Planning

Part 3 - Day of Event

Part 4 - During Event

Craig Senior

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