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Magic of the Inventor Artist

Again, we feature the inventive magic of Darcy Whyte, a former member of our club, THE Inventor Artist. In these videos, he shows us how to create a walk-a-long glider, a paper glider that stays aloft with the air compression of a piece of cardboard that you control. It will fly for as long as you can walk, but we recommend occasional breaks for refreshments! Try it at your next Toastmasters meeting, walking around the boardroom table for at least two minutes.

This video he made at the Ottawa Arts Court and at the Canadian Aviation Museum.

In this one, Darcy demonstrates how to build what he calls the "Best" two paper planes: Peace Plane and Long Plane. This was at the Musem of Science and Technology, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Do you have information worth sharing? Consider creating an instructional video. Video and audio quality are less important than the quality of the information and your enthusiasm for the subject.

Sometimes they turn out like this! HA HA!

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