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Invocation for Toastmasters Training

Would you like to make your Toastmasters training more positive, uplifting, mutually supportive? Considering opening with the following invocation.

As we enter into today's training,
please keep in mind that Toastmasters is the oratorical gymnasium,
in which we train.

Enter without the expectation of performing.

All that we do is an exercise.
We will be off balance.
We will drop the weights.
We will trip and fall.
These are all part of learning and developing, part of training.

Like Olympic athletes, we train to prepare to perform.
We do not perform here to prepare to perform.
We train here, preparing to perform outside of Toastmasters, where it counts.

Therefore, enter into the Toastmasters experience with a sense of play,
experimentation and without the unbearable weight of expectation.

Let it go. Let it go and enter in with the freedom to explore... together.

Enter with enthusiasm,
   a sense of gratitude for each other,
   and recognize each attempt and each "success."

Feel free to modify these words to suit your group or the occasion.

Make your Toastmasters meeting the HIGHPOINT of your members' week.

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