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First Kiss - Be Our Guest!

During our training sessions, we shake hands, high-five, hug and we even high-ten, but one thing we almost never see is a first kiss, or a second kiss for that matter.

In this video by Tatia Pilieva, ten pairs of complete strangers kiss for the first time. Watch what happens to their words, their faces, their body movements.


What is very much like our training is the first time someone visits. They the door the same way: a shy smile and, "Is this Toastmasters?"

Then we share names.

Then we share an hour of our lives - strangers a moment ago.

We will certainly shake hands. We might hug.

Someone might give a speech or answer a Table Topic question in which they share personal vulnerabilities, an intimate moment, of sorts.

The shy smile turns into some familiarity, like a first kiss. We might never meet again, but we met once and our lives are altered in some way, even if unnoticed. The moment is profoundly beautiful. Thank you Tatia for sharing these moments.

We welcome your sharing of our moments. Be our guest.

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