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Don't Let 'Not Now' Become 'Never'

"How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'" - Martin Luther

How true is that quote? For example, how many times do you think about going for a walk or doing a workout and you say you'll do it 'later' and then it never happens?

This kind of 'not now' attitude can be paralyzing. We have the best of desires and intentions but due to our own fears, laziness or mixed up priorities, we just never seem to get ahead and reach our goals.

How many times have you thought about all the ideas to improve the world rolling around inside your head? You feel like you need to share these ideas with someonebody... everybody, but the ideas are frozen by your fear of public speaking? You see opportunities to take public speaking training. 'Not now,' you say to yourself.  Slowly, 'not now' turns into 'never.'

If this sounds familiar, author, speaker, speaker, and radio host, Roslyn Franken gives us Five steps to break free of this unhealthy attitude.

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Roslyn Franken is a proud cancer survivor who also overcame her own personal battles with food, weight and healthy lifestyle obstacles. She now helps people live healthier, happier lives by sharing the 9 healthy living principles found in her  ground breaking book, The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living. She offers tele-coaching and support programs and motivational speaking services. For more information and to join Roslyn's mailing list for healthy tips, recipes and special anouncements, visit

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