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Cold Calling Success - Part 2

In Cold Calling Success - Part 1, Elliot Smith shared with us the principles of preparing for the cold call. Now in Part 2, he takes us through actually calling... cold.  Yikes, er... yippee!

Elliot Smith


Busy peopleThis is it. It’s now time for your cold call. When you make that first call with your contact, remember that they are extremely busy people and that they are not expecting your call.

The first thing you should do is briefly identify yourself (just a name) and ask them if they have a moment to speak. Be considerate of their time. Do not assume that they are available to discuss matters with you at this point. You will get one of three responses:

  1. They don’t have time to speak. If this is the case, ask them when is a good time to call back. Schedule a call, at their convenience, where you may discuss matters further.
  2. They do have time. This is great. Proceed with your call immediately.
  3. They want to know what this is about first. Often, people don’t know if they have time for a call simply because they don’t know what the call is about. If you get this response, briefly explain who you are and what you do. Do not go into great details. You are not trying to close a sale here. The goal is simply to let your contact know what you want to discuss with them. They will then let you know whether they have time to discuss things at that point. Proceed accordingly.

Every now and then, you may get someone who turns you down the moment you explain who you are, without giving you a chance to discuss matters further. If this occurs to you, remain courteous and ask if there would be a better time to discuss this, or if you could send them some documentation on the subject. The objective here is to diplomatically maintain a line of communication. If they still refuse, thank them politely and terminate the call. Odds are that this is either an educated decision which will not change, or the contact simply has no interest. Either way, it is safe to assume that this lead is closed. Remember to use tact and discretion in these situations.


You’re now in the situation where your contact is ready to hear what you have to say. So what do you say? Your script has three goals:

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Thank you Elliot for turning sales and selling into an information partnership, helping us to turn prospects into customers and customers into clients.

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