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Cold Calling Success - Part 1

Cold calling.

You might as well say, "May I freeze your blood?"

The answer is still, "Not on your life!"

Hm, but what if there was a way to convert what many consider the most terrifying experience in sales? Elliott Smith says it is possible AND enjoyable.

For over 40 years as a professional magician, Elliott has become one of Canada's top magicians, performing worldwide. He also authored the much acclaimed book Highway to Success - The Entertainer's Roadmap to Business. Along the way, he learned to master the art and science of cold calling and it isn't magic! In this two-part series, Elliott explains a system for turning cold calling into a natural and profitable part of your business.

Getting on the phone and calling someone out of the blue is probably the biggest fear faced by most every business person seeking new clients. There’s something uncomfortable about the whole process. This fear then becomes an obstacle to your success. The first time I did it, I felt like I was intruding and I was bothering people. Part of the reason I felt this way is because I know it bothers me when sales people call me at home. I get so tired of phone salesmen that I hang up on them. I imagine the frustration and rejection they must feel and I don’t want to have to go through the same thing with my business.

This is where we have to make some distinctions. There is a difference between calling a stranger personally and calling a business on business terms. There is also a difference between calling someone out of the blue and calling someone based on a referral. The approach you take to your cold calls have to reflect your motive for calling.

Ever wonder why they call it a cold call?

It’s not because of the frosty reception you get from certain people. It’s called a cold call because when you make one, you break the ice with someone.

More properly defined, the cold call is a first communication made with either an individual or a company, in which you’ve had no relation, in order to solicit your services. The cold call is a proactive communication (that is you call other people) as opposed to reactive communications (where people call you). Either way, if you are dealing with a client for the first time, you should treat both the cold call and the incoming call in similar fashions with respect to the information you convey. Only your approach will be different. For the moment, let’s focus on the cold call. You can then adapt your sales pitch to reflect incoming calls.

Some businesses that make cold calls are usually trying to sell a product or service on the spot. Other calls are designed mainly to inform prospects of their services with the objective of having a follow-up call or meeting in the future to close the sale at that time. This type of cold call is therefore a little warmer and can be called a warm call, but that could lead to confusion. The industry still uses the term “Cold Call”.

There is a difference...

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If you enjoyed and benefited from Part 1, get ready because Part 2 takes you into the Cold Call...

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