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Can't Remember Your Speech? Improve Your Brain!

An early challenge for many of us new to public speaking is getting away from notes, but notes are our safety net! Some common strategies to wean ourselves off notes:

  • use cue cards
  • reduce full script to bullets
  • use visual aids and props
  • rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
  • memorize the speech in sections
  • audio or video record and play it back repeatedly
  • turn your speech into a series of pictures
  • turn your speech into a mental movie

These are all helpful ideas. Each person responds differently to each strategy.

What if you could add to these ideas by improving your brain? What if you could improve your ability to visualize, think faster, stay focused, and remember your speech?

You go to the gym or yoga studio to workout and develop your body. There are also mental exercises to develop your brain and they are not limited to Scrabble®, chess, or crossword puzzles. BrainHQ® is the result of 30 years of research by Dr. Merzenich and his global team. He has over 100 patents on brain plasticity. There are more than 70 peer-reviewed published studies and clinical trials over the past 10 years using BrainHQ for healthy aging and health conditions such as brain injury, chemobrain, schizophrenia and more. BrainHQ is represented in Canada by They offer a FREE trial that you can use forever. Just like physical exercise, to see dramatic results, you need to go from a guest pass to a training regimen of at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes each.  Monthly and annual subscriptions are available to enable access to the complete range of exercices.

Listen to Dr. Michael Merzenich, creator of BrainHQ®, describe "brain plasticity," the ability of the brain to remodel itself. In this video, he presented at TED, our favourite educational channel on YouTube!

BrainHQ® provides brain exercises to benefit the following areas:

Memories are made up of what you sense. When memory fails, it’s not because you forgot how to remember—it’s because your brain isn’t processing information very clearly. Our Memory exercises sharpen the brain’s ability to record what you see and hear so that you can create a crystal-clear memory that’s easy to recall.

Does it drive you crazy when you can’t remember where you put your keys? You probably weren’t paying much attention when you set them down. Each of our Attention exercises helps retrain the brain to focus its attention, so you feel more aware and less distracted. Click an exercise below to learn about it.
Brain Speed
When it comes to brain speed, every millisecond counts. How quickly your brain can process events around you determines how effectively you can react to and remember those events. Find out how our Brain Speed exercises can have you operating at top speed. Click an exercise below to learn about it.
People Skills
It can be hard to remember names and faces, to participate in conversations in loud places, to read people’s emotions effectively. But all these types of skills are real benefits when dealing with others—whether you’re at a party or meeting new clients. Try our People Skills exercises to increase your chances of success.
With age, most people get wiser—but certain types of complex thinking get harder. When you have to manipulate multiple pieces of information quickly, you can get slower and more frustrated. With our Intelligence exercises, you can improve that skill to feel at the top of your game.

My Experience

After using BrainHQ® for a short time, I quickly increased speed to perform the exercises. I noticed that "to the best of my ability" improved with positive feedback in a way that was easy to receive (not patronizing).

The exercises deveped visuala and auditory processing speed and memory, and hand-eye coordination.

One of my challenges is maintaining attention sometimes for things that are less interesting to me. I also have an ability to literally multi-task, spreading myself among several tasks in time slices. Of course, this has pros and cons. Computer work, problem-solving, and speech writing seem to easily capture and maintain my attention. I was curious whether BrainHQ might help that. I found that exercise performance directly correlated to how well I maintained my attention. With repeated cycles of the exercises, I was able to remain focused for longer periods of time.

In public speaking, I believe there is a line of faith in one's creative intelligence and memory. Before we cross the line, we distrust ourselves and struggle to stick to our script. We sound and seem like we are trying to stay on script and cannot do it without notes. That conscious struggle disconnects us from the audience and THEY feel the disconnection.

Try BrainHQ and see if you notice an improvement in your brain speed and memory. Send us feedback on how well it works. Do you observe anything that we can share here?

Coach Craig

®BrainHQ is a registered trademark of Posit Science Corporation.
@Scrabble is a registered trademark of Hasbro Corporation

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