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Accents to Spice up Your Speech

Have you ever thought of spicing up your speech with an accent? I don't mean coriander, paprika, or parsley. I meant accents and dialects in language. Introduce a character and dialogue into your speech. Give the character a voice.

Even if you do it badly, the attempt can be endearing (okay, it depends on how badly).  I just have to think that someone from India doing an Irish acccent or someone from China doing a Southern American accent has got to be funny.

In 2008, our talented friend Amy Walker posted "21 Accents," her now famous and very viral video on YouTube. Check it out:


Since then, quite a few people posted other "21 Accent" videos on YouTube. Here's Michael Brady. He adds some movie characters.

How about one mostly in Spanish from Carlos Santos?

Try one. See what happens. Play around with it and experiment in the Toastmasters oratorical gymnasium. Have fun and never take yourself too seriously.

Coach Craig

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