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A Tribute to Those Who Stutter... and Speak

Since childhood, Musharaf "Mushy" Asghar from Yorkshire, UK, experienced a debilitating speech impediment, stammer, or stutter (whichever word you prefer). When asked how it affected him in school, he said, "Hard."  His English teacher, Mr. Burton, took it upon himself to use one of the techniques demonstrated in the movie "The King's Speech - listening to music while speaking. Here is the result.

Here is his documentary story "The Journey."

I too stuttered throughout my youth and adulthood and sometimes still stutter in middle age... but I speak. I use the Toastmasters program as a venue to practice where the results don't matter. Strangely, I easily speak in front of hundreds or thousands of people when I can breathe and project my voice fully. I stutter mostly in small groups or one-on-one after we become familiar.

Here's where I'm at:

Here are the outtakes LOL:

To those who stutter, take courage and continue to speak. If someone around you stutters, be the wind of support beneath their wings, encouraging them to the heights of their potential, turning tears of terror into tears of triumph.

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