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A Poetic General Evaluation

One of our members, author Jill Abramczuk, especially loves to be creative and fun. She turned her role of General Evaluator (providing feedback on the overall training session, meeting roles, and evaluators) into an opportunity make it poetic by borrowing the words to "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

'Twas the month before Christmas, when all through the meeting
Not a Toastmaster was silent, since the very first greeting;
Big thanks to the woman who carries the case; merci Valerie, unpacking at fast pace.
Today the flag hung on the lecturn with care, in hopes that non-glossophobics would soon be there

We learned anyone can bring in a word of the day
Grammarians are open to all having a say.
The members were attentive, all rapt in their seats
For Percita’s talk and astonishing verbal feats.

The Toastmaster was Rana, who as president we heed
She was flexible, on time and set us up to succeed.
She led us and joked and called us by name,
One by one to the podium quickly we came:

Craig’s evaluation flew in like a flash, gave positive feedback and ideas in a blast
Then Erik’s speech arose with a clatter, even Mike Duffy wanted to know what’s the matter?

Now Erik and Craig and Valerie and Chris!
Thank you Jill and Percita and everyone – what bliss!
To the top of your lungs, to the top of your game
Now speak away, speak away, as bright as a flame!

With a wink of her eye and a twist of her head
She let us know we had nothing to dread
After all the speeches she rose with true grace
And thanked us again with that big smile on her face.

If there’s something different you’d like to try next time,
I invite you to go for it! like this general evaluation rhyme.
Thanks to everyone who brought themselves here
For putting forward your courage and aside your fear.

Make your training fun by creating games, writing your own poems, or creating your own characters.

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