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25 Ways to Make Your Point

We prefer to post only one article from each guest writer, but this article from our speaking guru buddy and Toastmaster in Montreal, J.A. Gamache, is such a gem, we just had to share it with you.

Whether the goal of your speech is to convince, entertain or educate, you'll have to explain your ideas, however simple. Here are 25 tools I use regularly to be understood properly or to bring credibility to my message.

First, decide what your core message will be. Then brainstorm about all the points that support your thesis. Here's a list of suggestions to jog your mind:

  1. Example
  2. Quote
  3. Historical fact
  4. Scientific research / statistic
  5. Joke / humour
  6. Story / tale
  7. Personal anecdote
  8. Comparison / analogy / metaphor
  9. Third party anecdote
  10. Third party testimonial
  11. Case study / role play (with another person)
  12. Object / prop
  13. Audiovisual support (e.g. picture / video / music / song)
  14. Repeating / recalling the message
  15. Playing devil's advocate
  16. Plain statement / thought-provoking statement
  17. Catchy saying / slogan / recurring theme
  18. Hypothesis that you defend or attack
  19. Common objection and rebuttal
  20. Rhetorical question
  21. Method / tips / steps to follow
  22. Moving or miming
  23. Acronym (e.g. the SPA method: Seize it, Plan it and Act on it)
  24. Audience participation
  25. Call to action
  26. Lastly, sort the items on your list. The amount of time allotted for your speech generally determines the number of points you can make.

    Make it a habit to plan an outline of your text BEFORE you start writing your speech. Begin by finding your core message and then list all the points you'll use. This technique will guide your brainstorming and save you a lot of rewriting time!

    Happy writing!

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