100 Reasons to Join Toastmasters
Tue, October 4, 2011 at 15:44
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You need a reason to join Toastmasters?

This guest post gives 100 Reasons to join Toastmasters, courtesy of Fran Watson and the Pembroke & Area Toastmasters Club:

You will have opportunities to:
1. Tell your stories
2. Share your vision
3. Set and meet goals
4. Meet interesting people
5. Make friends
6. Develop leadership skills
7. Preside over meetings
8. Attend conferences
9. Attend specialty workshops
10. Give workshops
11. Research topics
12. Discuss current events
13. Explore issues
14. Enter contests
15. Consider new careers
16. Try new roles
17. Network
18. Challenge yourself
19. Become self-motivated
20. Hear top speakers
21. Work with teams
22. Organize a new club
23. Become a mentor
24. Purchase audio/video cassettes on speaking and leading
25. Become a club specialist
26. Negotiate
27. Campaign and run for office
28. Learn parliamentary procedure
29. Organize special events
30. Judge speaking contests
31. Interview speakers
32. Participate in club leadership
33. Participate in District leadership
34. Complete manuals related to specific interests and/or career needs

Your career can benefit:
35. Increased overall confidence
36. Conduct interviews with ease
37. Conduct efficient meetings
38. Give better presentations
39. Professional delivery of reports and information
40. Improved communication with colleagues and management
41. Enhanced time-management skills
42. Acceptance of criticism more objectively
43. New management skills
44. Increased effectiveness in relaying messages
45. Learning how to motivate others
46. Learning how to delegate
47. Learning how to set and meet goals
48. Developing techniques for handling change

You will personally:
49. Enhance your self-esteem
50. Improve your vocabulary
51. Improve your grammar
52. Expand your knowledge
53. Discover new worlds
54. Consider new hobbies
55. Improve communication with family and friends
56. Develop courage to take risks
57. Grow as a person
58. Change focus
59. Clarify your thinking
60. Reinforce knowledge, positive attitudes and behaviour
61. Learn to conquer fears
62. Expand your comfort zone
63. Learn techniques for meeting challenges
64. Share your interests
65. Observe positive change in yourself and others

You will develop:
66. Communication skills
67. Listening skills
68. Leadership skills
69. Public speaking skills
70. Presentation skills
71. Evaluation techniques
72. Vocal variety
73. Effective non-verbal communication
74. Research techniques

You will receive:
75. A constructive evaluation of each speech
76. Feedback on your progress
77. Help from mentors
78. Training manuals and materials
79. A proven program to improve your communication and leadership skills
80. Support for your goals
81. Tips from advanced Toastmasters
82. Recognition for goals achieved

You will practice:
83. Giving prepared speeches
84. Talking “off the cuff”
85. Giving evaluations
86. Introductions of other speakers
87. Telling jokes and stories
88. Giving toasts
89. Quoting authors
90. Reporting on roles
91. Delivering reports
92. Chairing meetings
93. Meeting management skills
94. Handling props
95. Using audio-visual equipment

Finally, you will:
96. Continue to grow
97. Enhance your social skills
98. Be entertained
99. Laugh


100. Have fun

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