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Enthusiasm Gratitude Recognition Education Excellence are central to all that we do in evolving the new you !

Over 90 Toastmasters groups meet across Ottawa/Gatineau, a great place for self-paced training in public speaking and leadership. We practice organizing and running efficient meetings, delivering prepared speeches and presentations, speaking impromptu, storytelling and offering helpful, specific feedback.

Learn the skills BEFORE you need them...

Practice where the results don't matter...

IBM Ottawa Toastmasters captures the style, ease, and acceptance of Toastmasters groups:

What You Usually See and Hear at our Training 


Experienced professionals and beginning speakers benefit from our practical, experiential public speaking coaching program. Whether you speak to the Board of Directors, customers, co-workers, or your kids, we can help you do it with greater clarity, credibility and impact. Learn and practice speeches and speaking in a friendly, comfortable environment with like-minded people. Instead of practicing your presentation skills in front of prospects, clients, or your managers, where the result could affect the rest of your life, practice where there are no consequences, only feedback. Practice where you can focus on learning and having fun.


The Leadership Track begins with fulfilling basic meetiing roles. Learn to manage your time, be clear and be concise. Then participate as a member of the executive team, learning how to be a team member and lead others through tasks and roles. President is the first role where you expand your team leadership across the multiple leaders of the executive team and inspire all members to strive for personal excellence.

Challenge yourself with the Toastmasters High Performance Leadership Program, a powerful program designed to identify your default leadership style, work with a guidance team, and exercise your leadership skills with a real project team.

Progress through several levels of leadership up to the Toastmasters International Board of Directors.


  • Communication, Public Speaking - beginning with the Icebreaker and continuing through Table Topics and additional speeches
  • Communication, Listening – learn to focus your attention and listen without assumptions or judgement
  • Communication, Thinking – quiet the mind and be able to analyze what you see and hear
  • Leadership Roles – as you practice meeting and executive roles where the results do not matter
  • Leadership Feedback - learn to give feedback that inspires those who receive it
  • Increased Confidence – as you take on roles and give speeches
  • Learning – with the Word of the Day and educational tips
  • Social – friendships developed during and outside the meeting
  • Contests - Compete WITH others to bring out the best in all
  • Conferences - find a whole new world beyond the Club; speak to audiences of 300+
  • 100 Reasons to be a Toastmaster
We live these principles
  1. Focus on Learning: Easy, fun, experimental and experiential atmosphere within which one can trust intentions of others. Our peer-based approach = "Learn from people you trust, and have your interest at heart... we are committed learners who create a risk-free, fun, positive learning environment."
  2. Specific Feedback: In our learning laboratory, we strive to give high value, specific feedback and coaching in a light-hearted, fun style. You select the ideas to use and grow at your own pace. Instead of suggesting how you can improve, we offer just ideas from which you can pick and choose.
  3. Flexibility: We experiment with varying meeting styles and structures from highly structured and formal to loose flowing and jockular. We experiment and innovate, playfully trying out new ideas in a setting where the only result that matters is personal growth, not our paycheck. Understanding that we can get called on at work to present with little or no preparation, we exercise both ends of the preparation spectrum - prepared and off-the-cuff.
  4. Find YOUR Voice: peel away your self-consciousness and fear, at your perfect pace, to find your authentic voice. Become the mouse that roars...
  5. Practical: With busy schedules and working downtown, a lunchtime meeting can be the most convenient investment to maximize work-life balance.
  6. FUN: "It's FUN to learn when we learn to have FUN!" A relaxed, humorous environment helps us to expand our creativity, retain information and improve performance. We become receptive to taking risks. Our social events let us mingle, connect and have fun.

Your future is now!

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